How to get range names to Apply across multiple tabs



(Excel 2007, XP)

I have been building a financial modeling spreadsheet w/ a few tabs.
As it has gotten more complicated, I've decided to have some
assumptions held in single cells get names to simplify formulas. Now
I want to apply those named cells' names across multiple tabs where
the cells are already referenced in formulas. (The names are global
to the workbook not the worksheet and defined w/ absolute cell
references.) This is a very basic / common use case for named ranges
-- assumptions on 1 tab, real modeling on another, new names need to
get applied after the fact.

But it looks like the "Apply Names" command only works on the tab
containing the named ranges. I even tried moving (temporarily) those
named cells to the sheet where I wanted to apply the names (or vice
versa) and no dice. Error is "Microsoft cannot find any references to






do you have referenced the name like that ? (without sheet name)



Le 2011-08-09 17:41, TrippKnightly a écrit :

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