How to clear a filter in property sheet ?



When i define a filter for a form thru code and apply it to that form,it
will be saved in the form's property sheet in background.This causes some
troubels when i want to mix condidtions and make another filter based on
user's request.So i need to erease the filter property from the property
sheet first,before making a new filter and apply it,through code.To do this,
i use the expression: frm.filter = "" ,where frm is the target form.but
unfortunately this cant clear filter from the form's property sheet.What
expression can do this for me?(clearing filter property from the property
Any help wd be appreciated and thank you in advance.



Stewart Tanner


if you are clearing the filter in the current form
me.filter = ""
or in another form that is open
forms!frm.filter = ""

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