How do i get the value from a comboxbox and link it to print.

Jun 15, 2012
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Im in a spot of bother.

What i need to be able to do is write vba to find the value inside the comboxbox and then either:-

1. Run a macro with the same value that is in the combobox


2. Run a set of reports and print them off but are linked to the combobox value.

The combobox name is ODTyper
The combobox control source is ODType which is a field in TblType
The combobox row source is SELECT [TblType].Model FROM TblType;
The value inside the combobox are in the format of TE4700
The name of the macros are in the format of TE4700
The Main form is called FrmOrderDatabase.

Plus somehow i need to get the value of the combobox and link it to print off the correct reports.

Thanks MelonFuel


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