Help needed for Excel formula using if, iserr, match and vlookup!



I need help with the following formula:
Excel says there is something wrong with my formula but won't say what.

What is it doing?
I have a list of data in columns B, C and D that are unique to the value in
A. Basically on Sheet 2 cell B2 I want to lookup a value (in A2) from the
selected range (LIST on Sheet1 ie: A2:A100) and if it is there, then I want
the cell (B2) to return the corresponding value from column 1 in the range
DATA (A2:D100). if it is not there then I want it to return a value of n/a or
"#n/a" (anything to indicate it isn't there).

I have moved over from Lotus 123 (cause I found it difficult to use) and the
formula I use (sucessfully) in 123 is:




Try it like this:


I assume that LIST and DATA are named ranges that you have defined. If
you haven't then you will have to put the range references in
explicitly like this:


You might want to change the column number for the returned data - all
this is doing (with column number of 1) is returning the same value
that you have just looked up, and there is little point in defining a
table of 4 columns in your formula if you are only using the first

Hope this helps.


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