Help: Need a KVM with Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical


Ted Pavlic

I have been having a lot of trouble finding a good 2 (or more) port KVM
that actually does what it says on the box.

I have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB mouse (with a USB-to-PS2
connector) and have tried using it on a number of different KVM switches
including the IOGear MiniView PS/2 4-port KVM Switch (GCS14) which SAYS
it supports the "Microsoft IntelliMouse" and none of them support the
back and forward buttons on the side of the mouse. On top of that, they
fowl up how the scroll wheel so that it randomly becomes the back button
for an instant.

Is there any KVM switch that *ACTUALLY* supports 5-button mice? (even
better the IntelliMouse Optical)

I'm considering a QVS KVM-12CK 2-port switch that says it supports 5
button mice.

I would like a switch that connects to each PC with PS/2 connetors since
one of these PC's is hidden and is configured to wake on PS2 keyboard
keypress (not USB).

Any help? It would be much appreciated.





I use a Microsoft Trackball Optical with the Belkin OmniView SOHO
Series KVM Switch, model F1DS104P.

Ted Pavlic

Thanks for the tip.

I was having problems with my keyboard with the Belkin OmniView SOHO
Series so I returned it a little while ago.

Just today I bought the QVS KVM-12CK switch (this is probably the third
or fourth switch I've moved through):

This was actually one of the cheapest switches available locally for me
AND it included (short) cables. This (the price) made me very skeptical
of it.

However, it supported all of my hardware and provided a number of
different key combinations for keyboard KVM switching (plus it has a
button on it).

I wish it was shaped more like the Belkin. Otherwise though I'm very
happy with it.




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