General Format to Custom format problem



I am working with a PeopleSoft query exported into Excel. The query
generates a number in General format: 10232427348734667 displaying in the
cell to left side as a text field. I am trying to create custom format to
display as
102-3242734-8734667 showing three numbers-dash-seven numbers-dash-seven
numbers. So far I used Data-Text to numbers>Delimited>Tab>General. Then
selected custom format trying different combinations. Everything I try
results in the last two numbers displaying as 00 Example:
102-3242734-8734600-Any suggestions?



Dave Peterson

Excel only keeps track of 15 significant digits. After those 15, you'll see

You could bring your data in as text, but then the format|cells|number tab
formatting won't work--number formats work on numbers--not text.

After the data is brought in as text, you could use a helper cell with a formula
to make it look pretty:


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