From designer does not display



I have a solution which contains a windows application project ( and
an owerdrawn control project (c#).

The owner drawn control is referenced by the windows form project (by
selecting the project in the add reference dialog),

After referencing the owner drawn control this way it appears in the
control toolbox for the windows form. I drag it onto the windows form and
it renders as expected. The project runs as it should.

Now, when I go back into the form designer I get an error:

Warning 1 Could not find type 'MaxDashBoard.MaxDashboard'. Please
make sure that the assembly that contains this type is referenced. If this
type is a part of your development project, make sure that the project has
been successfully built. 0 0

MaxDashboard is the name of my control.

Note that the control is referenced, the control dll file is where it
should be, the reference is correct, it has been built,the project compiles
and runs fine.

If I delete the reference and reset it, I still get the error. The only
way to not get the error is delete the form, add a new form, and then add
the contol to the form. Then, until I run the project or exit VS, I can go
to the design view and all is fine.

In looking tat the windows form projet's porperties on the references tab,
all is correct, the owner drawn control's dll is referenced and correct.

Any ideas?





I found a solution but I do not understand why.

I changed the namesapce of my user control to something else. Now
everything works fine. The old namespace was MaxDashBoard, the same
as the name of the control, I changed it to something different, and now it

whatever, I'm happy.


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