Filter for Unique Values not working


Joe M.

I've used this before but now it isn't working. When I try to use the
advanced filter to return a column of unique values, it returns the same list
which includes multiple of the same values. It doesn't matter if I select to
filter in place or copy to another location. I made sure unique values was
checked. I tried it several times. Can anyone help please?
Joe M.




Perhaps it's extraneous white spaces (especially hard to see "trailing"
spaces) messing things up.

Try TRIM on your original data col, then run unique filter again

Eg: If your data is in A1 down, put in B1: =TRIM(A1). Copy down to the last
row of data. Then copy col B, overwrite col A with a paste special as values.
Clear col B. Then run unique filter on col A - see what you get this time as
the results

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