Excel2007 Pivot Table problem



I have an Excel2007 workbook containing a table. I created a pivot table on a
new worksheet and tested it and everything works great. I saved the workbook
as both a 2003 and 2007 workbook. When I open the 2003 workbook in Excel2003,
it opens. When I open the 2007 workbook in Excel2003, I get the conversion
progress bar and then the workbook opens. In both workbooks when I click on
one of the arrow buttons to filter the pivot table, nothing happens. The
pivot table is frozen. I get a dialog stating that it was created in a later
version and can not be modified. It was my understanding that the
comptablility pack would allow Office2003 applications to work with
Office2007 files. is this true?



Debra Dalgleish

If you create the pivot table in Excel 2007 format, it will be read only
in earlier versions of Excel. If you create the pivot table while in
compatibility mode in Excel 2007, it will be functional in earlier versions.

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