Excel spreadsheet



I am new to excel and I was given this problem to practice, but dont know
where to begin. I have to create a spreadsheet and answer these questions:
A construction firm need to open 5 stores by Mar 20, 2008
Need to finish by Mar 20, 2011
Construction slows down from Jan thru Apri
Bldg need to open by Aug 2011
Am I able to open all 5 stores in 35 months
Crew works 6 days a week @ 48 hrs a day.

How do I create this?



Luke M

Are you sure this was meant to be an Excel problem, and not a Project problem?

Also, you'd have to define how many hrs it takes to build a store.
How much does construction slow down? 50%? 25%?
How does the crew work 48 hrs a day?

Sorry I could not answer your question, but there are simply too many holes
in the data you gave us.

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