Excel Query Parameter



I need to set up a parameter field for criteria that is user defined. I need
it to be 'Like' (begin with) and I know that I would need to [Enter the
information here] but when I put these together it does not work. Please can
someone help as I am fairly new to this and totally self taught - well with a
bit of help from this site!

I am running the query in Excel using the Wizard. After selecting the data
source and columns required I am editing it via the wizard.

I set criteria on Visit Date field - is not null so that I don’t get any
blanks. I set criteria on Cell address to contains C as there could be B
cells also in this field. And finally I want to set criteria on Site Name -
so that the user can determine which site he wants to see the visit history
of. The sheet/source contains only 4 columns, 3 as mentioned above and a
column which is for date changed. The sheet is to record changes to a
specific column in another sheet so records the data changed, when it was
changed and what cell plus the name of the site for that record.

I am not sure what other information you need so if I have not given
something please just let me know. I am really new to queries and do not
know where to go from here.

A point that just occurred to me is that the sheet is currently empty. Not
sure if that will have an impact or not but thought it best to mention.


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