Excel 2002, VBA, macros and Windows 7



I purchased a new computer several days ago. It uses Windows 7. My old
computer ran Windows XP and Office 2002.

I transferred all my data files from the old computer to the new one.

When I opened an excel workbook which contains a macro with some VBA coding,
a message was displayed that the workbook had lost its VBA Project and other
programmability controls. I also have other workbooks which use macros.

Can someone please advise me what I have to do to access the macro under
Windows 7.




It depends.
The answer might be that you don't have to do anything or you need to do a
lot of things.

What are your macro is generally doing? Basicaly it works the same on
different versions of windows for the same version of office.

But different version of offices work really differently.

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