I have a worksheet that has a number of rows in each of several different
categories. Before any information is entered, each row shows a 0 sum. When
information is entered in the first cell of a given row, a new sum is entered
for that row based on the formulas in the rows. In each category, the sums
column computes an average. I have that formula working so that it disegards
any 0's, but until the first cell in at least one row has something entered,
the average cell shows "#DIV/0!". I need to compute a master average of these
individual averages, but not all catgories will have information. My master
average shows #DIV/0! if any of the individual averages show the error. Any





Gord Dibben

Get rid of the 0 sums until data entered.


Your Average formula will ignore ""

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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