Datasets: Created with code VS. created using point´n click



Hi guys

This is just driving me mad. :-| Here´s the thing:

When a dataset has been created like this:

Dim customerOrders As DataSet = New DataSet("CustomerOrders")
Dim ordersTable As DataTable = customerOrders.Tables.Add("Orders")
Dim pkOrderID As DataColumn = ordersTable.Columns.Add("OrderID",
ordersTable.Columns.Add("OrderQuantity", Type.GetType("System.Int32"))

... then this is possible:

Dim test = customerOrders.Tables("Orders").AsEnumerable()

... but when a dataset has been created by adding a new item to the
project resulting in a .xsd file, then it seems to be a completely
different type of dataset, which doesn´t have all the methods that the
dataset created though code does [ie. Tables()].

Is this basicly just two different kind of datasets (a good one and a
completely useless one)?

Regards Søren




I finally figured it out. I wasn´t the dataset at all .. it was problems
with variable scope, that broke the connection to the dataset. :)

Regards Søren

Søren skrev:

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