Data Validation Problems with Charts



I have a drop down list in a large group of data that now needs to be used in
a chart. Every time I create a pivot table all it does is count how many
items are in the list. I need it to instead count the specific items that
were selected. How do I do this?

For example a drop down list of three letters were created 'a', 'b' and 'c.'
In many different rows of data the following were selected 3 letter 'a,' 8
letter 'b' and 12 letter 'c' . I need the chart to display that three 'a'
were selected, eight 'b' were selected and twelve 'c' were selected.

I have tried numerous steps to make this work, I would appreciate some
advice please.



Debra Dalgleish

Put the field name for the a, b, c column in the pivot table's row area.
Then, drag another copy of that field to the pivot table's data area,
and you should see the letters, and a count for each letter.

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