Consistent/Repeatable STOP errors after upgrade XP Pro - Beta 2



Hardware: Toshiba M4 TabletPC, 2GB RAM.
Vista: Upgrade install over XP Pro w/Office 2007 Beta installed first
(under XP, then upgraded)

I am getting consistent Stop Screen errors when I attempt to navigate to
Documents and Control Panel under Vista Beta 2.

The problem is repeatable.

I am going to try a side-by-side installation to see if the upgrade or the
hardware is the problem.

Anyone else?



Mark D. VandenBerg

There is another thread going with an upgrade done overtop of Office 2007
that also has multiple issues and crashes. Lots of discussion but no
solution there, either. That scenario includes the fun part of not being
able to uninstall Office or run the installation disc to repair it. Most
likely is a massive registry mess, but that's only a guess. Best advice is
to dump it all and start clean, but also report what you have now to MSFT.

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