Changing a Control's Font Size during runtime



It it possible to change a button's or text box's font size during runtime?

When I try to build my application with this code:
this.ActiveControl.Font.Size = "8.25";
I get this error message:
Property or indexer "System.Drawing.Font.Size' cannot be assigned to -- it
is read only

I can change a button's text property during runtime, but I'd also like to
change the font size as well.



Vijaye Raji

Font is immutable. You cannot change its value. However, you can set the
Font property on the control you're working with, say,

this.ActiveControl.Font = new Font(this.ActiveControl.Font.FontFamily, 8.25,


new Font(this.Font.FontFamily, 12, this.Font.Style);


Thanks for your reply. Can I change the font associated with an image
control on a web page? That is where I need to control the font size as I
wish to use an image map as a template for plotting numbers, etc. However,
if the font size of the browser is set to a larger size than I expect, the
template will not be plotted correctly. Thus, can I change the text on a
System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image control. I did not see any properties for
font on the control.



Cor Ligthert[MVP]


I think you are now facing the limitations of HTML even dynamic HTML.

I am not aware of it, but in your case I would have a look what Silverlight
maybe can do already for me.


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