calculations in reports



The problem i am haveing is, I have a query that works ( calcs the total
and when i run it the values come up just fine... I cant seem to get my
report to see the query and when i try to "run" my report it brings up a
pop up box that asks for the values instead of getting them from the query....
what is the proper way to address the query in my report. query name is
totalcalc and report is report1. any help would be great! thanks! the
more detail the better as i am preaty new to access :)
my report was "started" useing the wizard from a table called maintable, i
have no idea how or if my query is bound to the report. i just went in to
the record source of the field in my report and used the builder box thing
it reads =[query]![totalquery] and when i would run the report it would
pop up a box asking for the values.
i also tryed entering the calculation directly into the record source of the
report and i did get values but thay were all wrong. the data i got was all
the records added together, not the indivual records in a list. but the other
data was showing corectly like this:
customer id 1 billing data "the right date" total bill 300.00
customer id 2 same same total bill 600.00
customer id 3 same same total bill 900.00

it should have been:
id 1 total bill
id 2 total bill
id 3 total bill
i hope this helps... i am at a loss. help!



Larry Linson

If you saved the Query, as you should have, then all you have to do is type
its name into the RecordSource property. If the Query is named
qryForMyReport, then the Record Source should contain the text qryMyReport,
not a calculation as you show.

However, the appropriate way to approach the problem is to determine your
Query (Record Source), create it, and test it BEFORE creating the Report
that uses it as a source of data.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP

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