Calculating column A * column B = Results in another column



How do i calculate a whole list in one column (B1-b6) (mathematical function
i.e. multiply, divide, summation) with another column (c1-c6) and have excel
display the output in another set of columns (d1-d6) i.e.

input X input = output by excel
b1 X c1= d1
b2 X c2= d2
b3 X c3= d3
b4 X c4= d4

without me having to change the column number row by row and insert the
value row by row after each calculation.

thank you



T. Valko

Enter this formula in D1...


Then just drag copy down as needed. Or, you can left double click the fill
handle. The fill handle is that little black square at the bottom right of
the selected cell. Hover your mouse over the fill handle until it changes
from a fat plus sign to a skinny plus sign. When it changes to the skinny
plus sign left double click.




EXCEL 2007

In cell B1 I have the number 2

In cell C1 I have the number 2

In cell D1 I have:-


This results in 4 being placed in cell D1.

Do a Ctrl-C in cell D1 to copy the formula contained there and Ctrl-V to
paste that formula to cells D2 to D4 inclusive.

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.


In cell

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