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Can anyone comment on boot up speed? Please include your hardware specs.

I have a group of very demanding users that are very concerned with boot up
time, no one wants to wait 3min. for the system to come up, they're
expecting it now! I can only hope Microsoft has looked at that all previous
OS's and had improved on post time.



Zack Whittaker

WinSAT rating 4 (x64): 22 seconds
WinSAT rating 3 (x86): 34 seconds
WinSAT rating 2 (x86): 1 minute 2 seconds

Those are from my machines - from the moment the BIOS bit switches off and
the boot manager finishes the countdown, till I'm able to click on my
username and type in my password :blush:)

Zack Whittaker
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That's not then impressive, I would be looking for speeds of 10-20 max! With
time that 1.2min is going to be 3.4min. .....

Andre Da Costa [Extended64]

2 mins from Splash to log in. 5 seconds for everything on the desktop to
appear with icons, plus messenger to log in.

3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 HT (32-Bit)
2.6 Gbs of RAM
Geforce FX 5200 128 MB AGP
20 GB Partition




haven't had much luck with hibernation on any windows system.... 20% of the
time it won't get back to OS, reboot... delays...


So, by "demanding group of users" that equals yourself? And with RTM 4-9
months away, what's the rush for stats should they actually be real people?

As for shortened times, it all varies based on hardware and software loads.
My Dell Latitude (laptop) returns from any standby state within 5-7 seconds
(with log-in prompt)... my desktop returns from a Sleep state (mix between
Standby and Hibernate, it seems) < 10-12 seconds.

From a cold boot, you'd be lucky to get past the OS Loading icon in less
than 12-14 seconds on *average* end-user hardware (not purchased in the last
6-8 months).

- naseru

The Dude

From after BIOS post to login screen, 8 seconds.

AMD Athlon64 X2 4200
2x 250GB SATA HDD in RAID 0 config.
256MB Nvidia 7300 PCI-e x16



Dustin Harper

Wow. Nice numbers of the x64 bit. We really are ushering in the 64-Bit times
with Vista. I can't wait for Quad core 64-Bit 4GB machines. :)

1 min, 2 seconds isn't really that long, considering this is Beta with beta
drivers and no OS tweaks. After tweaking the OS, we can usually shave off a
good 25-50% of the time with XP. Better drivers will chop some off.

Whistler beta (XP) took longer than the final release did, as well. So,
don't take the longer boot times as serious right now.

Dustin Harper

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