Automatic Update of Linked Cell References

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Joseph Wechselberger

I use Windows XP, Excel 2003 on one computer; and Windows Vista, Excel 2007,
on another one. This question refers to both operating systems and Excel

I maintain detailed Excel spreadsheets that contain cumulative information
to which daily data are posted (referred to as Report A). Report A data are
linked to another spreadsheet (Report B) that reports only the most recent
daily data. Each day, I have to manually update the references on Report B so
the data for that day from Report A can post. This is tedious and time
consuming. I have searched for solutions to my problem, but with no success.
Is there any way I can have the references on Report B automatically
increment each day to preclude my manually having to do it?



Luke M

A lot depends on how you've got things structured, but a place to start might
be to look at using the TODAY() function to help determine what date Report B
should be looking for, and tie that into Report A using either INDIRECT or
MATCH (again, depends on layout of your reports)


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