alter code to apply to range (links cells w/ row insertions)



Is there any way to alter the following code to apply to a range? Currently,
I am applying this formula to each column, but it would be much easier to do
this for multiple columns at a time.

The code allows one to link a column of cells from sheet to sheet while
recognizing row insertions and deletions.

I took the following from a previous post by 'Max':

Assume the source col to be linked is col A in Sheet1, A1 down

In Sheet2
Put in any starting cell, say A1:

Copy A1 down as many rows
as the linking is required to col A in Sheet1

This should now "recognize" any subsequent row* insertions / deletions in
Sheet1 (*or even column deletions in Sheet1)
viz. col A in Sheet2 will always point to what's in col A in Sheet1

Adapt to suit. For e.g. if you want to link to col B in Sheet3 instead,


in the formula



BSc Chem Eng Rick


Try this, you can copy down and across as far as you need to go.

If this helps, please click "Yes"

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