Advice on Creating an Excel Formula or Macro - PLEASE HELP!!!!



In Excel 2000 - I need to create a formula or macro that will pull values,
from a column, based on color (or text if color won't work). Conditional
formatting will color a cell based on a condition but I need to be able to
define a condition based on either color. For example, a specific color is
in cell a1, a3, & a5 the value is in a2, a4, & a6. I need to create a formula
or macro in cell a7 that will add the values from a2, a4, & a6 based on the
condition (color) in cell a1, a3, & a5.




This is very crude, I hope it helps.

I use the light yellow color as base, change as needed

Sub Macro1()

Dim temp As Integer

If Range("A1").Interior.ColorIndex = 36 Then temp = temp

If Range("A3").Interior.ColorIndex = 36 Then temp = temp

If Range("A5").Interior.ColorIndex = 36 Then temp = temp

Range("A7") = temp

End Su

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