Adding Inventory with items on order



I am trying to total numbers from two different cells. Cells A1:B10 are a
part number and quantity. This gives me inventory totals. Right now I have
the B1:B10 cells setup to pull the numbers from 'Sheet2'!B2 - B10, which
works fine, but I have a list of items that I have on order and their
quantities in cells E1:F10. What I want to do is to say if A1 appears in the
array E1:F10 then to add F1 and 'Sheet2'!B1, but when I do my formula I get
back a "#n/a" answer in my cell if the value or part number in my a column
does not appear in my E column. This is my current equation which works if I
have the part number in the E column, but gives "#n/a" if I don't:


If I don't have the number listed on my order list I want the cell to equal
'Sheet2'!B1 and if that equals zero, then I want the cell to be blank.

I'm not sure if I need to do a Search function for A1 and use a boolean or
if the vlookup is the proper function.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.






One guess

In Sheet1,
Try in G1
Copy down

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