2000 shared file excel date format on two different computers



We have a shared Microsoft Excel 2000 file. When opened on one file it
will show dates as 12/15/08, and when opened on another computer the dates
will show as 12-15-08. Why does this happen? Is there a fix for it?
Thank you for your help.



Dave Peterson

Show the format|cells dialog
Show the Number Tab
Select Date from the category list.

In xl2003 (not sure about xl2k), I see this:

Date formats display date and time serial numbers as date values. Except for
items that have an asterisk (*), applied formats do not switch date orders with
the operating system.

(I'm not sure when excel added this explanation, but it applies to xl2k.)

And so if I apply one of those formats that is marked with an asterisk
(*03/14/2001 is the top one for me), then excel will use the user's regional
settings to display the date.

I use mm/dd/yyyy as my short date format (I like to see the leading 0's and 4
digit years.) But if I share this workbook with someone else that uses m/d/yy,
then they could see 1/9/08 (for instance).

If you want to avoid this, then don't use a date format that has that asterisk
next to it.

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