ZIP files in Win2000


John Beroset

I have recently done a clean install of Win 2000 -- after
backing up my prior files. I also chose to format the
drive using NTFS 5 rather than FAT 32. My question is
rather simple (on the surface at least) -- but I have been
unable to find the answer. When I download files example
updated drivers and they arrive with format,
they no longer self extract and I can't find a program
comparable to winzip32.exe. What can I do to solve this
simple problem. 1/ restore my winzip32.exe file from my
backup file 2/ obtain a shareware zip utility like PKZIP
or 3/ ????

I am reasonably proficient with computers and so feel kind
of stupid asking this simple question, but so far the
solution has eluded me :)

Thanks in advance for your help.


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