zero suppression on opening .xls file



If I create a tab delimited file as .xls , when I click on the file to open
it exel automatically suppresse the leading zeros on numeric fields. If i
invoke excel first and then open the file it allows me to specify the
numeric fields as 'text' and doesn't suppress the zero's. If i save the file
and then doulble click on the file to open it ,everything is ok. What do I
have to do so that excel will open the the tab delimited file the first time
and not suppres the leading zero's?



Dave Peterson

If you really save the file as a normal workbook with a .xls extension, then
excel knows how to treat each field--it's saved the formatting, the values,

If you save a text file with a .xls extension, then excel will only have the
values. And there is no difference between 0000123 and 123. So excel just
displays the value in a General format.

If you want to keep the 0's, you can either File|open the text file and go
through the data import wizard or you can apply a custom format after you import
your data.

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