XP Shutdown Nightmare



Our PC is dead. ???? My husband's PC would not auto-shutdown - it would
automatically restart every time. I used Microsoft article
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311806/ to try and help me fix the
problem. It told me to go to the Advanced Settings under Startup and
Recovery and clear the Automatically Restart box under System Failure.
I did that and when I attempted shutdown I did get an error message
referencing a specific .sys file. I wrote it down and then when I tried
to restart the computer I found I couldn't --no power at all; the PC is
completely dead.

Two other things that I did before this happened:
1. In BIOS, I changed "Soft-shutdown" from Instant to Delay 4 seconds.
2. Under Control Panel, Power Options I changed the "When I press the
Power Button on my computer" option to Ask Me What To Do

I'm assuming the hard drive is still intact, but before I open the
case, I'd appreciate some feedback and ideas.


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