xls documents will not Open in 2007 unless....



Ok, I've had 2007 Office installed for a few months on my machine, but today
when I upgraded the rest of the office, the other 25 users were unable to
open existing xls documents on the first try. I have 3 work around to open
the existing documents but it’s a bit annoying when usually all you have to
do is open the xls document. Basically you open an existing .xls document and
Excel opens like it should but when it opens the worksheets are invisible
with everything grayed out against a light blue screen; also all the tabs are
not clickable but you can see them. The only way to open the existing xls is
to minimize Excel and then restore or open through the Open Dialog Box or
Have Excel already running then open the .xls. I have no idea on why it’s
doing so. I have tried several things such as:
1) Making sure the Ignore other applications checkbox is cleared.
2) Adobe 8.0 is not installed
3) No Programs are in the Xlstart Folder

My only guess on why this is not working for other users correctly is
because they were upgraded from 2000 Office and I upgraded from Office XP
(2002 or 2003). Is that the reason? Also, what others things shall I try? I
really dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall fresh copies again, plus
what about the licenses I purchased? Any suggestions?


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