XDMCP Broadcasts Over VPN/RRAS




Does anybody know of a way to get RRAS to forward XDMCP broadcasts from VPN
clients to the internal network please? Or for that matter if it's even

The situation I have is that within the office some people use Labtam
XThinPro to connect to Linux & Unix systems and access their GUIs. XThinPro
finds available systems by broadcasting and listening for replies. This
doesn’t work over VPN, and although it’s possible to connect by knowing in
advance which system your going to connect to, this isn’t very user-friendly
(the settings buried several dialogs deep!).

So far I know that routers don’t forward broadcasts unless they have a relay
agent configured to listen for them, and that RRAS only comes with a DHCP
relay agent as standard, but I was wondering if anybody else had come across
some method or app for achieving this or something similar?

I’m using a 2000 server, using RRAS as a VPN server.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.



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