Workflow transition restrictions

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I have document workflow. I implement this feature by wwf using State
Machine Workflow (

In our system there are a lot of users with different roles.

The question is:

How can i restrict workflow transitions for specified user-roles?

For example:
1. Any user can create documents.
2. Super user can create and process documents.

By this code I can analyse specified workflow instance and get all
possible state transitions.

private static void DumpStateMachine(WorkflowRuntime runtime, Guid
StateMachineWorkflowInstance instance =
new StateMachineWorkflowInstance(runtime, instanceID);

Console.WriteLine("Workflow ID: {0}", instanceID);
Console.WriteLine("Current State: {0}",
Console.WriteLine("Possible Transitions: {0}",
foreach (string name in instance.PossibleStateTransitions)
Console.WriteLine("\t{0}", name);

Is there any possible solution to restrict transitions between states
of existing workflow for specified user roles?


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