word art 'change fill color' emphasis under PPT 2007



In ppt 2003 wordart characters could have been emphasized using "change
fill color" while "change font color" was greyed out and not available.

When a ppt 2003 prez is opened in PPT 2007 the wordart element assumes
a box around it and while the art colour changes there is an ugly box
around it that stnads out and does not blend with the background. The
only other solution is to change the block background to the background
of the slide - Hope i can transparentize this or else gradient
difficult backgrounds will be dificult to match with the background
fill of the block within which the art text is enclosed

This also happens when you create wordart in PPT 2007 except that
"chnage fill colour" is different from "chnage font color" - while the
formewr now means fill the text box enclosure colour the latter means
the font color used in word art creation

Any help, observations or comments on this if noticed



Glen Millar


I have seen this as well , and it doesn't look good it. I'm not sure what
the options are but will look into it.



Glen Millar
Microsoft PPT MVP

Tutorials and PowerPoint animations at

glen at pptworkbench dot com

Please tell us your PowerPoint / Windows version,
whether you are using vba, or
anything else relevant

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