Word 2010 documentation


Steve Hayes

My laptop computer has Word 2010 installed on it, while my desktop computer
has Word 97.

I usually create documents in Word 97, and edit them in Word 2010, keeping
them in the Dropbox folder so they remain in sync.

Yesterday I wanted to sort some items, while I was editing a document in Word
2010. I was trying to learn more of Word 2010, so I looked up how to do that,
and it said click the sort icon on the table layout section.

But I couldn't find it. There was a table icon in the layouot tab, but I was
scared that it might insert a table and I didn't want that.

The book was no help, so I thought I'd try the much-vaunted help, and pressed

Nothing helpful appeared, so I typed "sort" in the search space, and it took
me to an absolutely useless article in a blog somewhere, that suggested that I
export the items to be sorted to Excel and sort them there and then re-import
them to Word.

I thought if that's the case, it will be easier to wait until I'm back in good
old Word 97, where I know how to sort things, and do it there.

I mentioned it to my wife, who is something of an Excel fundi, and she did
some magic and found the sort functions somewhere, and put them on a quick
toolbar that appears under the Ribbon (the book said it appears overr the
ribbon, but on my computer, at least, it's under the ribbon).

So at least I now have Sort in Word 2010.

My question is, why was it hidden away before, so it took a hacker to find it?
And why does the Help file take you to some useless information from a guy who
obviously doesn't know how to use the function anyway?

This particular problem has been solved, but the piss-poor documentation of
Microsoft sorftware wastes an inordinate amount of time, and they keep
changing things, so that you have to relearn everything with each new version,
with no materials to learn from.

I still create new documents in Word 97, because I have no idea how to create
styles in Word 2010, and have no desire to have pale-blue text that is barely
legible on screen when I have a black and white printer.


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