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On the Ms Office 2007 download page it does not say that I can or cannot use
the files I make with MS Office 2007 in MS Office earlier versions if I
decide not to buy. Can you help me by telling me the if I can use 2007 files
on older Office programs especially for MS Word?

Please reply...Peter Rowan (e-mail address removed)




You need to download the "Compatibility Pack" from Microsoft, which
"adds functionality" to Word2003 (and earlier?) if you want to open a
2007 file (.docx) in 2003. (You'll get a note that some new features
may not transfer properly.)

But since you can't force everyone you might send a .docx file to to
install the Compatibility Pack, you might prefer to "Save As" the
97-2003 format (.doc) before you send it out, or else you would
convert the document to .pdf.

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