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Disgusted in Denver

I downloaded a trial version of Word 2007 from your website today, realized
that I didn't want it on my computer and uninstalled it. Meanwhile, it
converted all of my files to Word 2007 and now I can't access my files. My
computer should run on Office XP Professional. How do I restore my files. It
will not allow me to repair XP. Your customer service is terrible!




You're not talking to Microsoft here.

"It" didn't convert a thing. Unless you opened a file in 2007 and Save
As-ed it in 2007 format (.docx), the worst that can have happened is
that you reset your Windows to open .doc files with 2007.

To fix that, right-click on a .doc file, and choose "Open With Word,"
and choose "Always Open Files With This Extension With This" (or
something like that).

And, since you might someday have to open a .docx file, go to the
Microsoft website and download the Compatibility Pack.

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