WMI problems



So I have been all over the internet and back only to find nothing. Let me
bring everyone up to speed. We inadvertently let a SMS package out for .NET
Framework 1.1 onto our Network. Long story short, it hosed the servers and
all XP workstations. We found a fix to assist with registering dll dealing
wth WMI. This corrected the majority of our issues, but we are still seeing
lingering issues such as vbscripting engine errors, com+ errors, dcom errors
and even a few random errors that prompted an OS repair. We have tried all
that we know and are just about to our whits end. Has anyone had/seen this
issue before?

No worries, measures already put in place to prevent this type of thing from
ocurring again. Just looking for more insight and I don't think there is any
one fix to resolve this issue.

Thanks to everyone for reading and/or posting.


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