WMI Perf.SystemUpTime returns error 0x80041010


Michal Kopl

WXP Pro SP2, somehow the WMI subsystem has been corrupted, as some of our vbs
scripts that are functional on same image of the system does not return
expected results here. The script was using WMI to get information about the
uptime of the system.

User had simmilar problem in another script checking the free space on his
hard drives, but these were fixed by simply reregistering of the module.
Unfortunatelly in cas of uptime this did not helped.
I have even made a rebuild of repository, and run the same script - this
time I have received error 0x80041010.

I have advised him to try the instructions posted here
http://miken32.livejournal.com/3653.html , unfortunatelly still no success.

We have even collected data using wmidiag, and it looks like that some
modules got removed. (neither rebuild of repository did not helped).

Can anyone advise?
Thanks in advance


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