WLM problem polling emails. Take 2.


Time Lady

Just decided to try out WLM 2011 (Build 15.4.3538.0513) but while I like it
I find that when polling for messages automatically the first email account
has an error, unfortunately the error box is blank, if I remove the tick
from the 'include this account' it then does it with the next account.
have removed then recreated the account but there's no difference &
everything works fine when I first open WLM. Is this a known bug? I seem to
remember having the same problem with WLM 2009.
Vista sp2.
3Gb ram.
500Gb HD.
Dual core processor.
Thanks in advance,
Time Lady.
PS: My apologies for reposting this, I'd sent it to WL messenger newsgroup
instead of WLM & in trying to correct that the reply went to both the
incorrect & correct newsgroups.


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