With Word 2003 and 2007 installed, starting Word 2003 often fails



I have both legal versions installed, because I like the old menus in 2003,
not 2007. My documents are in Word 2003 format; they will open in Word 2007,
but each time I do that it starts configuring 2007 again. If I try to go
back to 2003, it again starts configuring. I had both versions on a laptop
where this worked fine, so it's a puzzle to me.

When I click on a Word file, I get the message "Office application version
does not match." Sometimes I click OK, and it opens fine in Word 2003; most
times lately I get an error message "Microsoft Office Word has stopped
working..." If I go through this 2-3 times it may open fine -- or not! This
is very frustrating and time-consuming. It also may happen if I just click
on the desktop icon for 2003.

I guess something is awry in the registry, but does anyone have a fix for





I'm not sure I understand what you are doing. If you like the 2003 menus,
why are you using 2007 at all? I have both versions on my computer. If I
want a file to open in 2003, I need to open that version and then open a file
by clicking the File menu | Open| find the file, etc. If I just double-click

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