WinXP Explorer.exe takes up 100% when connected to a domain


Jonathan S.

Hello All,

I've got an interesting problem.

I just reformatted the HD of a Compaq Evo machine, P4 with 512MB RAM, and
put Windows XP Pro on it and downloaded every patch available from MS. When
I log on locally with any user name and password, the machine runs fine.

However, when I add the computer to my Windows 2003 domain, explorer.exe
clocks out at 99-100% CPU and won't let up. I even let it go for an hour
just for kicks.

I connected the machine to the domain fairly simply. First I logged on as
the local administrator, set the Primary DNS to point to the PDC IP,
Secondary DNS to the gateway, went to the system properties and joined the
PC to the domain. Then logged in with my domain username and password, got
on, and found that Explorer.exe was using 100% of the CPU power.

I've set up other Windows XP machines the same way without this problem.

I've scanned the PC for viruses and found nothing.

Any ideas on how I could solve this problem?




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