winxp Boot Problem



When I try to boot my PC, it automatically takes me to the screen where i have the following choices

Start Windows Normall
Use last known good configuratio
Safe Mod
Safe mode Command Promp
Safe Mode with Networkin

If I choose either of the first 2 options, I get the WinXP screen with the green bar...then it beeps and reboots my machine. I go through the same process a number of times. Eventually (after about 8 or 10 tries) I end up being able to boot with no problems. Safe mode works fine...but if I shut down and reboot, same problem. This problem also occurs when my computer goes on standby and I try to re-log on. My system shutsdown and reboots.

I have run PC Doctor and everything comes out fine. I have updated my Antivirus software December 20th and ran a full system scan and it found nothing

Anybody have any ideas?


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