Winupdmgr.exe eventid 1000 and 1004




I have problem on many different machines with Windows XP Professional
editions within the same network: on logon I receive the message: The
instruction at "0x004021c0" referenced memory at "0x8240428". The
memory could not be "read" for wupdmgr.exe. Event logs on the machines are
just stuffed up with Events 1000 and 1004 Application Errors for wupdmgr.exe.
My AV software is KIS2010 and most of these computers are fresh Windows XP
installations. My AV software didnt find any viruses or trojans, hardware
requirements for operating system are met. Do you possibly have any clues
regarding this nasty issue? As a matter of fact Windows Update service works
fine - all systems are SP3 and downloads critical and security updates from
the network without a problem.



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