WinME installed. What is the next step to add win2000 also?



I'm a few steps behind BeyondX in the previous win2000 thread.

I too want to have dual boot, winME and win2000.

WinME is running in partition C, as well as can be expected given that
the latest version of some programs don't work.

Now I want to install Win2000 in partition D:
A) This was a problem for me when I tried to install XP to have
dual boot with win98:
1) Do I start win98 and then run 2000-install by putting the
CD in and clicking on setup.exe? Or do I
2) Boot from the win2000 Install CD.

IIRC with 98/XP one of these was going to install XP on top of 98 (and
delete 98? or leave it in the same partition?) and the instructions
didn't even suggest doing it the other way.

B) There was an issue with the address of the partition into
which win98 was to be installed. It had to be reasonably close to the
start of the drive. This was even more true with win3.1 iirc. Is
this an issue with win2000???

Before I remembered this issue, I made Partition C 10 gigs
big, and was going to put Partition D right after that, 15 gigs big.
Is that okay??


P.S. BillW50, if you are reading. Thank you for your answer last
January. I don't remember why I didn't reply. Probably gathering
info which I didn't manage to gather until now. I coudln't find a
4gig HDD and ended up with 40 gigs. I'm sure when this computer dies,
I can use the bigger one somewhere else.


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