WinForm Hangs



Hi all,
I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a C# WinForms application.
What I've noticed is that every so often it will hang while trying to open a
new form. I have tried to trace what is going on, and it seems to be
happening within the framework itself, rather than waiting on, say a
database query. It seems to hang when the framework is drawing the controls,
and often the screen only is half drawn when the system freezes. What is
curious is that sometimes when this happens, the user cannot open any other
windows eg Notepad, until the application is terminated. The application
usually freezes completely, and even if left for a half an hour it does not
become responsive. Initially I thought the application was using all the
computers memory, but it happens even with little memory usage. The
application is an MDI app. I have upgraded it to VS 7, and it's still


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