WindowsXP Deployment using Imagex



Currently in an evironment of about 400 desktops and 100 laptops in a
LAN environment.
Currenty using ghost for deployment of machines.

I'm pretty familiar with ghost and am interested in using WinPE and
imagex to deploy.

Been doing some research with AIK and would be nice to inject drivers
for HALs and other hardware into the image once its complete. I'm
looking for a single image to work on all machines.

Steps that I've tried so far:

1) Made an image using ghost. Sysprepd and works fine with ghost32.
2) Tried making an image of a sysprepd machine using imagex (winPE 2
from vista install) and have not been successful - continuous loop
through mini-setup.

Anyone run into this situation? Any help would be appreciated. Any
other info that I may provide, please let me know.

Thanks in advance...


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