Windows XP reboots



I installed Windows XP Pro and was able to install the
service packs, etc. but when I try and install third
party software the computer either reboots at the install
wizard or, once installed, 3 or 4 seconds after windows
finishes booting up. It then keeps doing this until I
uninstall the new software in safe mode. I was able to
install AVG free virus software and the DivX vidow codec
before this started but nothing else (ZoneAlarm Pro,
CorelDraw, etc.). I'm new to XP but thought I would try
turning on system restore and then deleting the virus
scanner. I also found a thread in a tech site that said
the SP2 811493 patch was causing problems and I was
thinking of deleting that as well but haven't yet.

Thx...hope you can help



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