Windows XP Multiuser policies



Someone wrote in the group that when they
were applying policy with gpedit on a server 2003 (for terminal
services), the policies applied to the admin account as well. My
question to you is similar:

I am attempting to apply policy per user on a stand alone Windows XP
machine using gpedit and the .adm templates for start menu policy. I
have the same problem: if I apply policy while logged in as a user, then
log out and log in as an admin or vice versa (all local), the policy
seems to apply to any and all accounts. How do I make nothing accessible
to users (except one app - SAP/R3), and everything available to admins?
By nothing, I mean nothing appears in any menu, no right click access,
etc... - all the things that gpedit has to work with but for only the
standard "user" group? I would appreciate it if you would reply to me.
I've been working on this for far too long, but one of our company
policies (and one I created) prohibits posting to public forums. I'm
sure you understand. Thank you in advance.


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