Windows XP Login Password Field



Hello all

I have only one user account on my machine, Guest account is disable.
When ever I start my PC, log on password field ( Box ) always show in
expended mood ( Default ) As shown in screen shot


Few days before when i start my PC I noticed that on login screen,
password field ( box ) is on collapsed mood, and now I have to press
"Tab" twice or click with mouse button on my user name, for type my
password and log on my account.


its happend with me few times before and i don't find any solution for
it, the only solution I know is reinstall my System (XP Windows)

Is there any way that I can revert this change ? I just want my 1st log
in option ( default ) back. I know its not a big problem, I just wana
resolve this problem as an educational / experimental purpose.

System: Windows XP Professional with SP2
Kindly help me




Andrew E.

Open control-panel,user accounts,open youre account,locate & click
on "change way xp starts",edit..Or create a new account,delete old.With
OS that have been running a long time,corruption can cause such problems,
if so,a clean install of OS & format may be required.


I think it happend due to some dll file changing ... I search registry
for this problem, but don't find any thing there ...

Any idea ????




Well, the obvious idea would be to reverse the "dll file changing" that
mysteriously happened. Care to give us any details at all? Have you been
tinkering? Do you think it could be malware activity? Have you tried a
System Restore or "sfc /scannow"?

Secondly, I recommend that you don't keep snipping out the entire history of
your thread each time you post - it leaves your current comment hanging in
contextless midair and is perhaps less likely to provoke helpful answers.

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