Windows XP Home Edition Backup



With Windows XP Home Edition, when I attempt to back up my files and I choose
the backup destination as (CD Drive E:) E:\Backup.bkf
But it will not accept the file name.

I have tried my DVD Drive as (Drive D:) as D:\Backup.bkf -- same results.
How can I make the Backup Wizard write my files to be backed up to my Drive
D: or my Drive E: ?

Please Respond
Thank You,



Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers


You don't, at least not unless you are using Packet Writing software. Backup
to a hard drive location, then copy the file to CD/DVD media.

Windows Backup Does Not Back Up to CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R Devices

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Associate Expert - WindowsXP Expert Zone

Windows help -


Thank You So Much, "Nutcase"
for responding to my problem, and providing correct information.
Will Microsoft correct this situation and enable the computer user to back
up to a CD or DVD Drive? This direct backup to a CD or DVD would be a lot
Please try to persuade Microsoft to make this change soon.
Thank You,



I hate to spam this group with my post but I will copy it to you in case it
helps. I posted:

I am trying to backup my computer using Windows Backup, the one that comes
with Windows XP, and my DVD- RW burner. At first I couldn't get Windows
Backup to recognize the DVD- RW media. I got past this by buying Device
Letter Access, from Sonic Solutions, now back up will only write until the
disk is full, 4.7GB, then it will stop without prompting for the next desk.
It gives a message saying that backups can only be 4gb on this device. Where
am I doing wrong? How can I make backup span the DVD- RW discs I like the
Windows Backup program's capabilities to shadow copy "in use" files and do
various types of backups and ease of use. Besides Windows Backup comes with
Windows XP and should serve my needs without me spending more money on other
backup programs. I feel cheated and want to try to make it work anyway. At
least I got the Windows Backup utility to save files directly to a CD/DVD-RW
drive. This is kind of cool since the official MSWindowsXP web site,'
boldly stated that "the Windows Backup utility can't save files directly to a
CD-RW drive.".

My computer also came preloaded with My DVD Plus,Ver.7 by Sonic which has a
very basic "digital media" backup program that wasn't really meant for system
backups. I haven't successfully gotten though a system backup without My DVD
stopping the backup project for varoius reasons like disk errors without
giving me a chance to insert a new disk or fix the problem. After writing
files for hours, when an error inevitably happened, it would start completely
over from the beginning gathering and copying files. This has so frustrated
me that I am thinking about removing Sonic's progams.

I would apreciate any "inexpensive" sugestions you might have. Mabe this
info will help you.

Thanks, Jerry

DLA costs $20.00 to download from (Sonic Solutions web store)
its been around since CD-RW's It lets you format rewritable CD/DVD media so
Windows Explorer and My Computer will see them as big floppies and let you
drag & drop. "Usually works with all windows app's, but backup will not span
them liken it does for floppies (my problem). I have not seen free (legal)
sofeware that will do the same job so its worth the 20 bucks to me.




You have got to save your backup to your hard
drive first, and then burn to Dvd.
You cannot burn from the backup program


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