Windows XP 64 Professional Reboot Loop....



I am having a issue with Windows XP 64 going into a reboot loop when
attempting to boot to it either in standard mode or safe mode. I disabled
the automatic resart option and the system is now showing the error message
"Stop C0000135 Unable to locate componant. This application has failed to
start because Winsrv was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix
this problem."

This is now the second computer that this has happend to. The first one
still is not running due to after attempting to reinstall Windows XP64 (after
several attempts to correct the problem failed) the original Data was wiped
and ended up with a dual boot menu. The original system started out the same
way and then started showing additional DLLs with other file names listed.
When attempting to reinstall Windows XP64 I also recieved error messages that
winsrv.dll could not be found. It then asked to skip or retry.

Here are the specs of the systems (they are identical):

Windows XP64 Professional with all available updates
Microsoft Office 2007, with all available updates
Intel Quad Core 2 Q8200 2.33GHz
MSI P43 Neo3 Mother Board
4gb RAM
3 - Seagate 500gb SATA 32mb cache Hard Drives

What is causing this to occure and how can it be corrected and prevented
from happening again? Any information that can be provided is greatly

Thank You.


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